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Offer your patients new access to your practice.

The first wholly automated vision test built-in a booth


A family story

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Imagined and created by ophthalmologists

to meet the new needs of their patients.

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No appointment needed !

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In less than 6 minutes.

Boost your patientflow !

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Keep easily the control thanks to a user-friendly dashboard.

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Control and validation.

A simple and intuitive interface allows a rapid check.

The comprehensive eye exam.

An in-person exam follows on site or is scheduled.


100 % autonomous.

The patient self checks his vision.

How does it work ?

About us.

Florent Costantini - CEO & co-founder

Florent Costantini

CEO & co-founder

COO & co-founder

Mathieu Costantini

Hardware product manager

Fabien Fanti

A family story

The two co-founders, Mathieu and Florent, are brothers.

Two eye-surgeons always passionated by Medtech, ophtalmology and AI.

Regarding the problem of medical shortage around the world, they decided to create new tools to help eye care professionals in their daily challenges.

Using their medical expertise and  with their childhood friend Fabien which became the CTO, they started to focus on refraction.


They build this first wholly automated visual test in their garage. The system uses the same measuring machines that are present in traditional clinics with the same exam principle.


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How does it work ?

An algorithm pilots three measuring machines. One for your glasses and one for your eyes and then the reading test. This data is finally sent to an eye care professional who analyzes them and issues the prescription.

Does it replace a comprehensive in-person eye exam?

Absolutely not. As said, this test allows a physician to issue an eyeglasses prescription and no more! The only way to guarantee that your eyes are free of any ophthalmological diseases is a comprehensive in-person eye exam that you will get after this test.

Where and how can I use my eyeglasses prescription issued by this solution?

This eyeglasses prescription is issued by an eye care professional. That's why it allows you to get your glasses in the optical store of your choice. Of course, it has the same value as a traditional prescription regarding reimbursement by your insurance

How glasspop protects my health data?

Only eye care professionals will have access to your health data and no other-third party. We work with a famous web hosting provider to assure HIPAA-compliance.

Is this test recommended for all patients?

No. This test is made to facilitate access to an eyeglasses prescription for patients between 18-65 years old.
As said before, this test just checks your visual acuity.
If you are already diagnosed with pathologies like glaucoma or diabetic retinopathy, the best option for you is to ask your regular eye care professional for an eyeglasses prescription.

Is it mandatory to bring my eyeglasses with me to pass the test ?

No. However, if you have eyeglasses, their measures can be useful for the physician who issued the new prescription.

Is my prescription, issued by this solution, available for contact lenses ?

No. The delivery of a contact lenses prescription needs a comprehensive in-person eye exam.

Do I have to remove my contact lenses to do the test ?

Yes. It's mandatory to do the test.

How can you be sure that I made the test correctly ?

The final results are analyzed and validated by a physician in addition to the algorithm procedure. There is a lot of safety control during the process. In case of an inappropriate measure, you will be informed, and of course, the prescription won't be issued. An appointment for a comprehensive in-person exam will be proposed.

Who gets my results and issues my prescription ?

The only person who has access to your health data is the eye care professional. No unknown third party would be involved.
This eye care professional is the only person who will analyze, validate the data, and issue the prescription if needed.

How do I get my prescription ?

Your prescription will be emailed to you using a secured link a few hours after the test. Of course you will be able to print it.

How can I understand my prescription ?

Attached to your prescription, you will find an explicative content to understand it more easily.

Where can I ask questions on my prescription ?

You can ask questions on your test at any time at contact@glasspop.co.
No questions regarding medical issues would be answered here.
For any medical issues, you could ask your eye care professional during the comprehensive in-person eye exam.